What to do with your expired passport?

Technically, your passport is the property of your government, but there may be some rare cases in which expired passports are kept by any government officials. So, what should we do with our expired passports?

Trash them, or stash them?

There are many reasons to keep your expired passport in a safe place:

  • An expired passport may have some unexpired multiple visas of some countries and in that situation, you need to carry your old passport with a valid one.
  • Some visa applications require complete details of the countries you visited over the past few years, and a frequent traveler cannot remember all the details. So the expired passport can help you in this matter.
  • The expired passports are still your identity proofs and are considered as proof of your citizenship.
  • Don’t forget that even your expired passports could be doctored into a fake ID for someone else.
  • Your old passport keeps your memories of good times, stunning traveling experiences, and it is also a collection of stamps from all the countries you have visited.

As technology is revolutionizing every field of life traveling is also heavily influenced by technology, but of course positively and progressively. After the introduction of blockchain technology in the traveling industry, traveling is completely transformed into a more secure and innovative industry.

As every old method and procedure has been replaced by technology, it is the right time to alter the paper documentation into an online visa and passport facility. Tolga Akcay is an innovative and successful businessman who realized the need for a digital visa and passport to get rid of immigration issues, illegal immigration, and security breaches. He is the CEO of exVisa.com and he has introduced the concept of digital visa and passport to deal with all these security issues and provide a comfortable traveling experience.

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The ideology of Exvisa is to create a more effective and secure platform for authorities and travelers to get maximum benefits of technology and to shorten the time taking the process of immigration for both the parties. With all these amazing benefits, there will be no need to think about caring for your old/expired passports as you will get access to an always ready facility of online visa and passport.