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Hungary is a landlocked country in Central Europe. There are many beautiful places to visit as –

Pecs Hungary

This multicultural jewel has a deep history, reaching all the way to the Roman times, filling the center with rich heritage, while the edge of the forest-coated Mecsek Hills offers countless trails for cyclists and hikers underneath the glorious Dinaric Alps.


Esztergom HungaryEsztergom is visited mainly for its magnificent, massive religious constructions. Surrounding this amazing stone church stronghold is the Watertown area; a gorgeous cobblestone maze, where the Classical and Baroque are joined with charming fountains and sun-showered squares.


Debrecen HungaryThis place often overlooked by travelers, therefore fairly unexplored, but it is actually a great blend of heritage, history and culture. Known mostly for the isolated location, going downtown is something you certainly will not regret; the neoclassical facades are indescribably seductive, supporting the collection of the incredible Deri Museum and extending the borders of the great Nagyerdo city park.


Szentendre HungaryThe picturesque town of Szentendrestands in an alluring symphony of stone-clothed streets and age-old houses; it gives out the feeling of a fantastic live museum. Nowadays tourists come here to see a good deal of lovely independent galleries, and wander under the round church domes, while shopping in the numerous interesting boutiques.


Tihany HungaryFor decades, this cozy peninsula town has been known as the Hungary’s most wonderful romantic retreat, that comes with an engaging decoration of the Tihany Abbey’s white walls and steeples. In the docks you can find delightful yachts, just gesturing the passers-by to take an exciting trip to the volcanic waters of Balaton.

Tokaj Hungary

Embraced by the cascading fields of astounding vineyards, this small and scenic town has become the absolute dream of every wine taster. Amid the sun-clasped Baroque style avenues, visitors can open any of the many cellar doors and wineries, where they are able to sample some of the most iconic wines.


Sopron HungarySopron picked up a charming medieval appearance; the dominating Firewatch Tower with its shimmering bronze-green shade, the Germanic church looking over the central square, Roman ruins arranged throughout the streets and the remains of the 16th century Jewish boom continue to linger on; a lot of remarkable cultural history in one thrilling place.

Koszeg Hungary

Koszeg reflects one of the country’s most attractive historical appearances, owning a gem like Koszeg Castle and an idyllic center, that has been left untouched since the Middle Ages. To top this fairy-tale, the hill surrounding the town offer excellent and easilyaccessible walking trails.


Aggtelek HungaryAggtelek’s cave systems are undoubtedly one of the most fascinating natural attractions in the country. The real jewel here is the Baradla Cave, bursting with glamorous whitewashed stalactites and actual evidences of human habitation with the roots that go about seven millenniums back.

Budapest Hungary

The capital of Hungary doesn’t need an introduction; it is the supreme magnet for tourists of Central-Eastern Europe. The city is crowned by the outstanding and elegant domination of Buda Castle, and it is a vivid and mysterious place at the same time. Packed with eternally modern and historic at every turn, this is a mesmerizing city, that you certainly should not skip, when traveling through the country.

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